Training by LPWF


Learning to understand and preserve nature is a duty that should fall on every human being. More so if you have an animal under your care and are responsible for it’s well being. This is why, every year, Lampang Pony Welfare Foundation conducts extensive workshops and trainings on various subjects such as food management, care training and reproductive management for horses and ponies. These trainings are open for all - veterinarians, pony owners, farriers or anyone with the willingness to learn. Through these trainings, LPWF aims to pass on knowledge that has been proven by years of studies on how to prevent health problems, how to develop treatment approaches etc.

These trainings focus on three main issues: food management aiming to prevent food-related issues, care training, and reproductive management.

Through care training, participants are taught to take proper care of the hoof, one of the most vital parts of a horse’s body. The management and handling of hooves directly has an affect on a horse’s well-being and it’s ability to move around and carry weight. Emphasis is given on teaching hoof care to not only horsemen, but farmers and anyone else involved in taking care of a horse.

Reproductive management is also an extremely important part of these trainings. This is because Thai indigenous horses face a high risk of extinction today, and breeding plays an extremely important role in preventing that. Participants are taught to know the different cycles of horses and the right time to breed them.. They are also shown first hand how artificial insemination is done, which also significantly helps with conservation.

Jacinta Johnson