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Our Mission:

Empower & Educate.

The Lampang Pony Welfare Foundation (LPWF) was founded to improve the welfare of ponies and horses in Lampang, as well as neighbouring communities through strengthening the relationship between people, ponies and horses.


Our Impact

By working with the community for over 14 years and consulting with equine welfare experts across the world, we learnt that the most sustainable impact is in changing the behaviours of the community so that our ponies and horses are provided with better care.



Pony owners trained each year

These trainings emphasise on providing good care for equines to prevent illnesses and improve their welfare.



horseshoe SETS provided yearly

This complements the good hoof care these equines have been receiving through LPWF-trained farriers to prevent foot injuries.




Our centre and mobile clinic provides a range of veterinary treatment, most of which involve preventative care such as deworming, faecal exams, proper nutritional programs, and more.



We welcome visitors to experience the beautiful and historical town of Lampang through our Airbnb experience!

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We depend on the generosity of donors and sponsors to help us continue our work here for the ponies and horses of Lampang — we appreciate all donations, big and small. You can now donate securely online via Paypal or credit card!

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Our Work

We offer a range of equine care services and educate and empower local veterinarians, farriers, community leaders and pony owners to care for Lampang ponies. We also promote the use and conservation of the Lampang Heritage Breed of ponies, and conduct outreach programs in Lampang and across Thailand to raise awareness about equine welfare and local breed conservation.


SEPTEMber 2018

Many thanks to the staff at LPWF who helped me learn how to better care for my ponies, the harnessing and farrier training was very helpful.

Khemkhaeng, pony owner from Lampang