Christmas Pony Pack

The Thai Pony, one of the last remaining ancient breeds in the world, rapidly face the risk of extinction. With this urgency in mind, please consider making a donation to our cause, so we can sustain our work and continue to expand our education and awareness programs, training for farriers and healthcare and medicine for these ponies.

Your donation can be the gift that keeps on giving!

Share the joy this Christmas season with our four legged friends by donating one of the three Christmas Pony Packs below!

USD50.00 for skin care

Halter, fly mask, grooming set

USD100.00 for hoof care

Horseshoes, Nails, Farrier training set

USD200.00 for bones and body condition score

De-worming, teeth floating, calcium and mineral supplements, electrolytes, soybean meal

On behalf of our team and all the ponies you are about to help, a big, BIG thank you and happy holidays!

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Pony Pack

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Lampang Pony Welfare Foundation
Kasikorn Bank, Onnuch Branch,
Savings account# 060-2-87775-2

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Thank you in advance for your generosity!